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The EAF has established key strategic partnerships to best meet growing consumer demand for more volume and diversity of real-food in the Northeast.  We’re proud to work with both globally acclaimed partners and local field experts, and we revel in the opportunity to amplify these mutually beneficial relationships as a badge of honor to investors and consumers formulating an allegiance for better local food.


Sustainable farming practice differs greatly from conventional, and tools, techniques and technologies vary widely. From scientific break-through, better equipment, robust handheld technology, back-end business infrastructure and more sophisticated diagnostics of farms, fields and yields – innovation will play a major role in combining old-world knowledge in food craftsmanship with advancements in technology, products, service and collaboration, and affords the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) unique opportunity to establish a network of smart sustainable farms on the shoulders of giants.  Working with these talented and proficient partners, the EAF kindles a market teeming with expertise.

Old world

Whether direct-to-consumer or within premium wholesale, NorthEast consumer demand for better local real-food is constant and growing.  Because many NorthEast farms lack capital to develop farm and market scale, supply of better product and raw materials is often scarce, erratic and difficult to attain.  The Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) empowers an under-capitalized real-food movement through investing in farmers, innovation and expert partners to build profitable farm enterprises that benefit many stakeholders.  EAF ‘SmartFarms’ are established through collectively deciphering how to allocate resources based on topography, natural resources, plot size, market demographics, innovation and distribution.

Strategic partners & SmartFarms will utilize:


Synonymous with entrepreneurial start-ups, innovation is imperative and of incredible opportunity within the evolving farming industry.  The very nature of the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) ‘smartfarm’ is to utilize and adapt latest advancements in holistic and natural farming, often innovations contrary to conventional farming practice and methodology.  With short-term plans to create immediately profitable multiple-output farms, and long-term plans to capitalize on aggregating the best farming innovations through strategic investments in sustainable farming food production, soil enhancement and animal husbandry, the EAF network of regional farms uses proper market assessment, maximized distribution methods, personal technology proficiency and on-farm advancements – all to combine to establish INNOVATION a pillar of the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund.  The Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) sets to capitalize on the opportunity that lies at the intersection of connecting numerous food trends with changing consumer demographics through many advancements in technology and farming innovation.

shared network:

The establishment of each networked farm will be based on a smart-grid approach of market and land assessment.  Understanding the potential distribution and market penetration for specific premium food item within a 250 mile radius will be dependent to proximity, access to resources and competition.  Fertile soils will be a must, so too will be the ability to engage with reputable partners specific to a craft or skill that will help educate and monitor progress and end results.  partnership.resizeKey strategic partners dealing with soils, growing process, animal husbandry and production provide both needed knowledge-share and brand validation.  Pooled resources and knowledge, Strategic Partners, Blue-Chip farm talent and Information Clearinghouse will all play key roles in advancing the local real-food movement.

Transparency & Traceability:

More consumers have intrigue in where their food is coming from – some search for better understanding of the sustenance that fuels them, some want to know farming practice and animal treatment, and others care to know more about the craftsmanship used in creating products they consume.  This boils down to many affording less blind-faith in our food supply, where greater chapters of consumers from broader healthier lifestyles are paying more for food provenance.  By infusing validity to each naturally grown product, each animal, the EAF will empower technology to provide immediate knowledge-share (i.e. QR codes offering food traceability and farming transparency) available at all points of sale – through any consumer handheld.  Technology’s capacity to harness the voice of the expert, and magnifying that presence, has proven an ideal way to connect consumers to the products they purchase.  Transparency from farm-to-table, backed by granular food traceability, is a an opportunity for real-food producers who have great stories to tell.

Today, consumers empower technology to gain additional information about every purchase.  From apps, electronics, consumer products, vehicles, cosmetics etc.  – we can access information!  For most consumers, there’s more data, reviews, conversations, user groups and knowledge-share than they know what to do with.  With one glaring exception – food products and production – where information is limited and often difficult to attain and understand.  Transparency & Traceability, empowered by technology, affords an unparallelled opportunity to connect EAF real-food farms with consumers by best describing:

Properly Raised Animals/MasterCrafted Food: Skilled farmers who’ve developed capacity for creating multiple quality outputs.  Learning proper practice and procedure from skilled strategic partners, each EAF farmer develops proficiency that will be clearly presented and marketed.

qr.cow2Partnership with the best:  Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) will contract industry experts and leading  Natural/ Holistic Farming practitioners throughout the world. Beginning with the soil and building with each farm enterprise innovation, each EAF farmer will access the best minds in sustainable farming resulting in the production of greater volume and diversity of quality nutritious real-foods.  From guidance-to-training, strategic partners are both a great resource and add validity to just value of food.

Regional Farms / Local Farmers:  Premium regional products produced by local artisan farmers.  By supporting local farms, and receiving a premium artisan product, brand advocates (repeat customers) attract more customers from broader movements and trends also interested in better & more nutritious local real-foods.

A brand to represent stars of craft:  To promote star food craftsmen in the network, the EAF will help simplify the consumer adoption process of local food by acting as a single umbrella brand that delegates recognition through farm-to-table knowledge-share.

Premium Product:  Resulting products are derived from properly raised animals from quality soils, quality real-food provisioned without cutting corners.  Local and fresh, of supreme quality and more nutritious.

Quality Foods Priced for VALUE:  Fresh/ vibrant/ nutritious real-foods coming from local farms done right!

nutrient cycling.trans

A holistic plan

EAF Regional farming is based on uniting skilled craftsman and strategic partners to do their job –  very well!  When appreciating the current communication breakdown of the majority of consumers with food and nutrition, all stakeholders benefit from sharing the unique backstories of farmers and strategic partners amplified to rock-star status.  Proper use of technology and social media capture and magnify the stories from these multidimensional partners, farms & farmers, profiled for collectively mastercrafting better food.

working together benefits many stakeholders