Specializing in the acquisition & management of sustainable agricultural land, the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) is a private equity fund establishing a network of livestock based farm enterprises that provide local grass-fed, natural and organic meats to markets of the NorthEast.   Capitalizing on immediate market demand, the EAF utilizes regional production efficiency to create strong investor returns through cash-flow from a consistent supply of premium crops, and on-going improvement to land and soil quality.


Partnering with conservation organizations and industry expertise to reduce effective land acquisition costs through the sale of environmental services and use of holistic management techniques, the objective of the fund is to (i) employ practical ecological methods to transform local land cover, (ii) institute multiple crop outputs that mitigate farm enterprise risk, (iii) improve productivity – to collectively increase asset value and returns for all stakeholders.


Fund Details:  The Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund differentiates from other agricultural investment vehicles by correlating  investor returns to cash-flow & enterprise farm production value –  rather than speculative farmland capital appreciation.

    1. A $60 million private investment fund designed to acquire, improve, operate & sell farms that range from 1000-4000 acres throughout the Northeast.
    2. With 80% of the EAF’s capital utilized to acquire fertile land,  the fund is designed to acquire & exit 10 farms within a 10 year lifecycle.
    3. Purchasing fixed assets mitigates risk as farm and grazing land retain value, as well as create the required platform to establish holistic livestock operations made profitable from the proper utilization of the remaining fund assets (20%) as working capital on a network of EAF farms.




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Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund

Market Demand

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For the 34 Million in the populous Northeast receiving only 1% of their meat from local production, and the vast majority of their better quality proteins produced on international soils, the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) will provide a consistent supply of local Grass-fed, Organic & Antibiotic/Hormone free livestock to better serve annual per capita beef and swine consumption totaling 100lbs.  With sufficient supply, the market demand for these better quality meats represents a $3.5 Billion market in New England & New York.

Food system.farmer.2Demand for higher quality foods has established a $30B p/yr Organics and Natural US food market.  Despite recent growth, Organics remains hindered by ultra-premium ticket prices and the lack of traceability associated with industrialized farming to currently service only early adopters – with little potential to reach the masses.

The false economy of cheap food is proving its consumers increasingly fatter &orange-arrow.2of4.resize chronically ill.  With no broad adoption plan to buy solely industrialized Organic foods, many more health conscious consumers are purchasing their family’s food with renewed interest in “local” production – attaining better bang for the buck from higher quality and nutritious food with provenance.  With proper know-how, equity & scale – regional production is less expensive than current Organics, and can best serve the demand of consumers looking for local better quality meat bought on a basis of value vs cost alone.

The local real-food movement gains only on the proper farm.

Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund


With 2.6 Million acres of  ‘improved’ farmland sitting idle in New England & New York, and the majority of local production forced into commoditized mono-cultures not immediately focused on proper ecological farming practice  –  there lies an abundance of undervalued natural resources found in regional soils & water that have yet to be efficiently utilized to capture market demand for local healthier meat.

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Northeast agriculture is currently an equity starved market where capital markets are needed to properly orange-arrow.3of4.resizedeliver more supply for growing market demand.  To begin to capture burgeoning interest in foods produced on fertile Northeast soils, local artisanal production must produce enough supply to crack distribution channels that will help establish economies of scale for local production.

Currently, throttled by a lack of capital, most Northeast farmers don’t have the required equity to access favorable debt availed to agriculture.  The EAF invests in fixed assets acquired at value, and leveraged working capital to deliver quality and consistency to enter a mature Northeast distribution channel.  Processing 27,000 head of beef cattle annually, the EAF only scratches the surface of Northeast market demand for better quality beef that has an estimated annual capacity of  500,000 head.

working together benefits many stakeholders



Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund


EAF Regional farming is based on the ability to unite the skills and enthusiasm of local farmers & ranchers with globally recognized strategic partners.  The Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) sets to utilize innovation to produce and promote better food derived on Northeast soils.  Technologies now standard in many industries will add efficiencies to sustainable agricultural practice, and employ better methods of farmer and partner collaboration.

talent.2014orange-arrow.4of4.resizeThrough integrating advancements on both underutilized land and in the hands of incredible human capital, the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund creates a sustainable business model that begins to address food security concerns of the Northeast by putting talented agrarians to work on local land.


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